All American Rejects - Tournado (Live DVD Audio)

The All-American Rejects are and Alternative-emo-rock band from the US. This is the audio for their 2006 live DVD 'Tournado'. It features the whole show, including songs like 'Move Along', 'Swing Swing' and my favourite, 'It Ends Tonight'.
Check it out!

01 Dirty Little Secret
02 Top of the World
03 Happy Endings
04 Stab My Back
05 Dance Inside
06 Eyelash Wishes
07 Swing, Swing
08 Straightjacket Feeling
09 Night Drive
10 My Paper Heart
11 I'm Waiting
12 It Ends Tonight
13 The Last Song
14 Move Along

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Syamil Samli said...

hye friend.. can you make sure, this album, can be download again? or can you upload it back to server... i really need to enjoy this album..