Kat DeLuna - 9 Lives

Kat DeLuna is a singer from the US. Her first single 'Whine Up' was a big dance success in the states, but the album flopped big time. You probably didn't buy this record, so here you can download it. It features 'Whine Up' and rumoured next single 'Am I Dreaming'. Enjoy

01 9 Lives (Intro)
02 Run The Show (featuring Shaka Dee)
03 Am I Dreaming
04 Whine Up (featuring Elephant Man)
05 Feel What I Feel
06 Love Me, Leave Me
07 In The End
08 Love Confusion
09 Animal
10 Be Remembered (featuring Shaka Dee)
11 Enjoy Saying Goodbye
12 Whine Up (featuring Elephant Man (En Español)
13 Como Un Sueño (Am I Dreaming) (En Español)
14 Run The Show (En Español)

Download Here

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