Jo O'Meara - Relentless

Jo O'Meara was a member of pop sensation S Club (7) and then tried to make a solo career, releasing this album. The first (and only) single was 'What Hurts The Most' (the same song that was later released by The Rascall Flats and Cascada). You might remind her on Celebrity Big Brother 2007, talking shit about Shilpa Shetty (an Indian actress and model) and being acussed of racism. IMO, she was just having a hard time in that house, but i don't think she's a racist at all. Her album was a big flop in the UK but it contains some good ballads, specially 'To Ease Your Pain' and 'Wish I Was Over You'.

01 Relentless
02 What Hurts The Most
03 Wish I Was Over You
04 To Ease Your Pain
05 You Didn't Know
06 Never Felt Like This
07 Let's Love
08 Baby I'm A Fool
09 I Believe In You
10 Never Meant To Break Your Heart
11 It's Your Love
12 It Felt Like Love
13 That's Where I'll Belong
14 Rainbow's End

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