Girls Aloud - What Will The Neighbours Say? Live On Tour

Yet another Girls Aloud Live album!. This time is their 'What Will The Neighbours Say?' tour, which is actually their first tour. Some of the tracks are pre-recorded but most of them are live, and hell yeah, these girls can sing!. I love Cheryl's rap on 'Graffitti My Soul' and Nadine's vocals on 'Life Got Cold'. The dance interlude on 'Girls Allowed' it's just brilliant!

01 The Show
02 Here We Go
03 Girls On Film
04 No Good Advice
05 Graffitti My Soul
06 Wake Me Up
07 Teenage Dirtbag
08 Life Got Cold
09 Deadlines & Diets
10 I'll Stand By You
11 Love Machine
12 Real Life
13 Girls Allowed
14 Jump
15 Sound Of The Underground

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Jo O'Meara - Relentless

Jo O'Meara was a member of pop sensation S Club (7) and then tried to make a solo career, releasing this album. The first (and only) single was 'What Hurts The Most' (the same song that was later released by The Rascall Flats and Cascada). You might remind her on Celebrity Big Brother 2007, talking shit about Shilpa Shetty (an Indian actress and model) and being acussed of racism. IMO, she was just having a hard time in that house, but i don't think she's a racist at all. Her album was a big flop in the UK but it contains some good ballads, specially 'To Ease Your Pain' and 'Wish I Was Over You'.

01 Relentless
02 What Hurts The Most
03 Wish I Was Over You
04 To Ease Your Pain
05 You Didn't Know
06 Never Felt Like This
07 Let's Love
08 Baby I'm A Fool
09 I Believe In You
10 Never Meant To Break Your Heart
11 It's Your Love
12 It Felt Like Love
13 That's Where I'll Belong
14 Rainbow's End

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Clea - Identity Crisis & Trinity

Clea are a band (now reduced to a duo) formed on Popstars: The Rivals. They are the girls who didn't made it to be on the winner band, Girls Aloud. They have released 4 singles, and they all were big flops (Download It #21, Stuck In The Middle #23, We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off #35 and Lucky Like That #55) but they managed to release 2 albums. Actually, i love their music, it's so cheesy and old-fashioned pop that reminds me of the late 90's.

Identity Crisis

01 Stuck In The Middle
02 The Lie
03 Butterflies And Rainbows
04 First Love
05 Identity Crisis
06 One More Try
07 Sprung
08 Crush
09 A Guy Like You
10 Download It
11 Mind Games
12 Pretty Little Bad Girl


Bad Girls
Butterflies & Rainbows
Download It
Eanie Meanie
I Surrender
Keep It Cool
Lucky Like That
Met Someone Like You
Playing The Wrong Games
Pretty Little Bad Girl
Stuck In The Middle
The Lie
We Don't Have To Take Out Clothes Off

Download 'Identity Crisis' Here
Download 'Trinity' Here


Girls Aloud - The Greatest Hits Live At Wembley

Girls Aloud are my favourite Girl Band ever!. This is the audio ripped from their DVD 'The Greatest Hits Live', though the concert is actually from their Chemistry Tour. It includes their cover of Kaiser Chief's 'I Predict A Riot' and some of their classic hits like 'Sound Of The Underground', 'The Show' and 'Biology'.
I hope they release a DVD for their upcoming Tangled Up tour for the fans out of the UK!

01 Intro
02 Biology
03 No Good Advice
04 Waiting
05 Love Machine
06 Long Hot Summer
07 Whole Lotta History
08 Watch Me Go
09 I Predict A Riot
10 See The Day
11 Sound Of The Underground
12 Medley Musicals
13 The Show
14 Models
15 Racy Lacey
16 I'll Stand By You
17 Biology [Reprise]
18 Wild Horses / Wake Me Up
19 Jump (For My Love)

Download Part 1 Here
Download Part 2 Here


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Here are some other albums i didn't have time to write about.

Victoria Beckham - Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes is Posh's never-released album, probably 'cause her first was a chart disaster.
It features great dance songs like 'Open Your Eyes' and '25 Minutes', and the R&B-ish 'The Hustla'. Check it out!

01 Let Your Head Go
02 Open Your Eyes
03 Be With You
04 Full Stop
05 Generate The Flow
06 The Hustla
07 25 Minutes
08 Me Without You
09 Should Have Known Better
10 I'd Give It All Away
11 Gone

Download Here

Stephanie McIntosh - Tightrope

Who can resist Australian pop?
You might recognize ger from Australian soap opera 'Neigbours', the same show where Kylie, Natalie Imbruglia and Holly Valance once were on. Stephanie decided she was ready to launch a singing career, with her debut album 'Tightrope', which includes the hit singles 'Mistake', 'So Do I Say Sorry First' and 'Tightrope' and was produced by Tom Nichols, who previously worked with Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and S Club 7. The album was released in the UK but flopped so badly that no one remembers.

01 So Do I Say Sorry First
02 Mistake
03 Tightrope
04 You Should Have Lied
05 Wishin' And Hopin'
06 Out In The Rain
07 You Don't Love Me
08 A Change Is Coming
09 God Only Knows
10 Overcome
11 Sink Like A Stone
12 The Night Of My Life

Download Here

Avril Lavigne - Live Roxy Theatre

Avril rocked the Roxy Theatre with this acoustic concert. It contains some of her hits like 'Girlfriend' and 'Complicated' in acoustic versions. Her voice has improved so much since i last checked! i love how she skips the hard part in Innocence haha. You can find the videos Here.

01 Sk8er Boi
02 Girlfriend
03 My Happy Ending
04 Innocence
05 Don't Tell Me
06 Tomorrow
07 Hot
08 Losing Grip
09 Complicated
11 Nobody's Home
12 Knocking On Heaven's Door
13 Keep Holding On

Download Here

Kat DeLuna - 9 Lives

Kat DeLuna is a singer from the US. Her first single 'Whine Up' was a big dance success in the states, but the album flopped big time. You probably didn't buy this record, so here you can download it. It features 'Whine Up' and rumoured next single 'Am I Dreaming'. Enjoy

01 9 Lives (Intro)
02 Run The Show (featuring Shaka Dee)
03 Am I Dreaming
04 Whine Up (featuring Elephant Man)
05 Feel What I Feel
06 Love Me, Leave Me
07 In The End
08 Love Confusion
09 Animal
10 Be Remembered (featuring Shaka Dee)
11 Enjoy Saying Goodbye
12 Whine Up (featuring Elephant Man (En Español)
13 Como Un Sueño (Am I Dreaming) (En Español)
14 Run The Show (En Español)

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