Skye Sweetnam - Sound Soldier

Skye Sweetnam is a weird mix of pop and rock. According to last.fm some similar artist are Ashlee simpson, The Veronicas and Avril Lavigne...you get the idea. She has said about this album that is a mix of Britney and Nine Inch Nails!!! for real!!
Also, her albus features 2 songs with punk-rocker Tim Armstrong (lead member of 'Rancid'). How weird is that?
Check the 1st single 'Human' here.

01 Music Is My Boyfriend
02 Human
03 Boyhunter (ft. Ak'Sent)
04 Ghosts (Ft. Tim Armstrong)
05 My Favourite Tune
06 Scary Love
07 (Lets Get Movin') Into Action (Ft. Tim Armstrong)
08 Cartoon
09 Make-Out Song
10 Ultra
11 Kiss A Girl
12 Baby Doll Gone Wrong

Download Here

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