Patrick Nuo - Nuo

I don't know much about this guy, but this album is quite good. He's from Switzerland, and also he's a songwriter and a model.
This album features the singles 'Too Late (To Save It With A Love Song)' and 'Whatchin Over You'.

01 Too Late (To Save It With A Lovesong)
02 Whatever It Will Take
03 You And I
04 Love
05 Watchin' Over You
06 Love Hurts
07 Celebrate Youth
08 What I Just Can't Have
09 What Am I Gonna Do
10 One Way Ticket To Haze
11 Who's Savin' Me
12 Finally
13 Wintersleep

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Anonymous said...

if he sings half as good as he looks (drool) i might be in love!


calin said...

I really think patrick has beautiful songs.
I'm Patrick's fan.

calin said...

please send me first album form patrick-welcome(2003).
my mail:delfiniumc@yahoo.com