Monrose - 2 Albums

Monrose are a German trio. They were formed on Reality-Show Popstars, German version. Since then, they have released these 2 albums. Their 1st single 'Shame' became a huge hit in Austria and Germany, and the 1st single for the second album, 'Hot Summer' was one of the biggest-selling songs of the year.
Both albums are really good pop, similar to Rihanna or The Pussycat Dolls.

01 Shame
02 Even Heaven Cries
03 Oh La La
04 No
05 I'm Gonna Freak Ya
06 Love Don't Come Easy
07 Two Of A Kind
08 Your Love Is Right Over Me
09 Work It
10 Do That Dance
11 Live Life Get By
12 Push Up On Me

01 Dangerous
02 Hot Summer
03 Strictly Physical
04 Rebound
05 What You Don't Know
06 Leading Me On
07 Golden
08 Sooner Or Later
09 Just Like That
10 Yesterday's Gone
11 Burning
12 Monrose Theme
13 Everybody Makes Mistakes

Download Temptation Here
Download Strictly Physical Here

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