McFly - All The Greatest Hits

McFly join to the Greatest Hits fever and release this album, which features the #1 hits 'Five Colours In Her Hair', 'Obviously', 'All About You', 'Star Girl', 'Baby's Coming Back' and many more.
The lead single for this album is 'The Heart Never Lies', an amazing song if you ask me, i'd say it's their best single ever.

01 Five Colours In Her Hair
02 All About You
03 Star Girl
04 Obviously
05 The Heart Never Lies
06 Please Please
07 Room On The 3rd Floor
08 Don't Stop Me Now
09 I'll Be OK
10 That Girl
11 Baby's Coming Back
12 Transylvania
13 The Way You Make Me Feel
14 Don't Wake Me Up

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Heart Never Lies is so goooooooooood.
i love that song very much..it's like my all time favourite now!! <3