Drew Seeley - DS

Drew Seeley is a singer, songwriter and actor from Canada. He's known as the voice for 'Troy Bolton' in High School Musical 1, He was also a guest star on the High School Musical Tour.
This is not his real debut album, just a compilation of his leaked songs, and it includes 'Dance With Me' feat. Belinda. I totally love the track called 'Get There'. His voice is really special.

01 Caught Up
02 Wonderin'
03 Dance With Me [Ft. Belinda]
04 Get There
05 Back to the Days
06 You Don't Know How It Feels
07 Hello and Goodbye
08 Don't Close Your Eyes
09 I Won't Let Me Down
10 New Music
11 Shoulda
12 Join The Party
13 Rebound
14 Every Now and Then
15 Last Love Song (Live)

Download Here


Anonymous said...

NOOOO, esto si es increible, y bueno, en realidad no lo digo porque este tipo sea un buen cantante, es sólo que... ¿su disco?, ¿en descarga?, jaja,nooo, te has tenido que inventar tu mismo las canciones para conseguirlas (jaja), porque es practicamente imposible conseguir ese disco no-producido (digo "casi" imposible, porque acá está en descarga, evidentemente).

Anonymous said...

could u please up load it again? please!

priscilla said...

hot baby i will mary you . i love you he is just too much !!!!!! hear his singing I CANT STOP THIKING ABOUT HIM ! if you feel the way i feel about him leave a comment . HURRY !!!!

Alafia Anderson said...

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jemie said...

drew,you are so.... cool.keep blazin'