Darin - 3 Albums

Yet another swedish artist...Darin was part of the Swedish Idol 2004, were he ended up in 2nd place, and since then, he has become more popular than the winner (whatever his name was).
He performed some pop classics on idol, like Britney's Crazy, N Sync's It's Gonna Be Me and Christina's Beautiful, so you can imagine what his influences are.
These albums feature amazing singles like 'Money For Nothing', 'Step Up', 'Want Ya!' and 'Insanity'. A must-have!

01 Insanity
02 Extra Ordinary Love
03 Perfect
04 Everything But The Girl
05 Desire
06 Like No One
07 Saturday Night
08 What If I Kissed You Now
09 Everything You're Not
10 If You Wanna
11 The Thing About You
12 Homeless

01 Intro
02 Move
03 Step Up
04 Who's That Girl
05 Doin' Dirt
06 Laura
07 Walk The Distance
08 B What U Wanna B
09 Want Ya!
10 U Don't Hear Me
11 Sail The Ocean
12 Step Up [Red One Remix Ft. Jay Sean]
13 Who's That Girl [The Attic Remix Radio Edit]

01 Give It To Me
02 Money For Nothing
03 I Can See U Girl
04 Why Does It Rain
05 Encore, Otra Vez, One More Time
06 The Anthem
07 What Is Love
08 The Way I Am
09 One True Flame
10 Stand By Me
11 What You're Made Of
12 Coming True

Download The Anthem Here
Download Darin Here
Download Break The News Here


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Anonymous said...

Hey could you please re-upload the 3 discs?? pleasee??? i will really apreciate it Thanks!! by the way your blog is awesom!