Simon Curtis - Alter Boy EP

Who is Simon Curtis?. I don't know much about him, but his album is like "wow". Sounds a bit like Justin Timberlake but much better, and it's all about the lyrics. Check his myspace for more info.

01 - Answer
02 - Broken
03 - Bones
04 - Detox
05 - Flashback
06 - Hypnotized
07 - Left Right Left
08 - Megamix
09 - Put Your Makeup On
10 - Resist
11 - Sugar Sugar White

Download Here


Timmy said...

This is amazing. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

meh. not feeling it but thanks for sharing some new tunes!


lia said...

thanks for sharing!!

lia said...

btw, do you know where i can find the lyrics? please?

Brom said...

I don't know whether you know about it or not, but Simon has released his official debut album on his site for absolutely free. His fans (RobotArmy) are gathering :)
Download it: http://simon-curtis.com/

qwertydog979 said...

The website/download link doesn't exist anymore.