Mandy Moore - Wild Hope

Mandy Moore was set to be the next Britney in the US. She started as one of the Britney-Christina's wannabes (like Jessica Simpson xD) but now she has taken music very seriously. This album, Wild Hope, represents a 180º turn from what she has done before. She has co-written the entire album and worked with songwriters like Michelle Branch and Rachel Yamagata. The result? a soft-pop folk-influenced album that has been compared to Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple. Not bad for the girl who used to sing 'I'm Missing You Like Candy'.

01 Extraordinary
02 All Good Things
03 Slummin' In Paradise
04 Most Of Me
05 Few Days Down
06 Can't You Just Adore Her?
07 Looking Forward To Looking Back
08 Wild Hope
09 Nothing That You Are
10 Latest Mistake
11 Ladies Choice
12 Gardenia

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