Lisa Scott-Lee - Never Or Now

Lisa Scott-Lee started her career as part of the pop band 'Steps'. Then she tried a solo career. Then she flopped. Then she starred at her own reality show, release a new single, and flopped again. Anyway, she managed to release this album in South Africa and as a digital release on the UK. Of course, she flopped (again).
Still, the album is quite good. It features Scott-Lee's past singles 'Too Far Gone', 'Lately' and 'Electric'

01 Lately
02 Too Far Gone
03 Back In Time
04 Sleazy
05 Obscenely Delicious
06 I'm Burning
07 That's That
08 Get It On
09 U Sure Do
10 I'll Wait For You
11 Electric
12 Make It Last Forever
13 Don't You Want My Number
14 Give You My Love

Download Here


Pinkranger2000 said...

poor Lisa.her music is nowhere near as bad as they make it sound.

Joseph said...

Darn, I missed this download!