Jordan Pruitt - No Ordinary Girl

Time for some Disney music. Jordan Pruitt is well known by disney fans, 'cause she opened for the High School Musical tour and The Cheetah Girls tour. This album, 'No Ordinary Girl' was kinda a big flop (#64 US) but still, not a bad record. If you like Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens, you'll love this girl.
My favs are 'Outside Looking In' and 'My Reality'.

01 No Ordinary Girl
02 Miss Popularity
03 Over It
04 Teenager
05 Outside Looking In
06 We Are Family
07 Waiting For You
08 Jump To The Rhythm
09 My Reality
10 Who Likes Who
11 Later
12 When I Pretend

Download Here


Anonymous said...

I Love Her(L)

Anonymous said...

ok jordan ur my fav i am ur number 1 fan u have no idea i wish i was as pretty as u i am the ug nerdy smart girl nobody wants but if they knew my true secret ubsession bout u they might think diffrent