Jennifer Lopez - Brave

Jennifer's biggest flop to date (and yes, that includes her spanish album 'Como Ama Una Mujer') happens to be her best album ever!. I can't believe this flopped so badly :( and now that she got pregnant there will be no promotion for the album, so i declare it dead already.
Anyways, if you didn't buy this record (not many people did) you can get it from here. It features the singles 'Hold It Don't Drop It' and 'Do It Well', and amazing album tracks like 'Miles In These Shoes' or 'Forever'.

01 Stay Together
02 Forever
03 Hold It Don't Drop It
04 Do It Well
05 Gotta Be There
06 Never Gonna Give Up
07 Mile In These Shoes
08 The Way It Is
09 Be Mine
10 I Need Love
11 Wrong When You're Gone
12 Brave
13 Do It Well [Ft. Ludacris]
14 Frozen Moments [Bonus Track]

Download Here

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