Girls Aloud - B Sides

Yet another Girls Aloud album. This time is a compilation of their b-sides, extra tracks and some live covers. It includes some awesome tracks like 'Crazy Fool', 'Why Do it?', 'Singapore', their version of Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab', and latest b-side of Call The Shots, 'Blow Your Cover'

01 - On A Round
02 - Why Do It?
03 - Nobody But You
04 - Androgynous Girls
05 - Loving Is Easy
06 - Dog Without A Bone
07 - I Don't Really Hate You
08 - Hopelessly Devoted To You
09 - I'm Every Woman
10 - I Predict A Riot
11 - The Crazy Life
12 - Lights, Music, Camera, Action
13 - Rehab
14 - Stay Another Day

01 - Hanging On The Telephone
02 - Crazy Fool
03 - Girls On Fil
04 - You Freak Me Out
05 - History
06 - Grease
07 - Teenage Dirtbag
08 - Sacred Trust
09 - Musical Medley
10 - Sungapore
11 - Count The Days
12 - Love Machine (Demo)
13 - Celebrate
14 - The Next Best Thing
15 - Blow Your Cover

Download Here Part 1
Download Here Part 2


Marya Fernanda said...

Hello! I have just found out your blog, and the links for this Girls Aloud b-sides are expired! Would it possible to upload again? I've been looking for them everywhere, and I've had no luck with torrents.. :/
Thank you!!!

Michael said...

Please please repost this if you can?
I've been looking for a GA b-sides collection everywhere and haven't come close.
It would be dearly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other posters-can you please upload these again?

queenofnothing_ⓤⓝⓑⓘⓐⓢⓔⓓⓑⓘⓣⓒⓗ said...

I've been searching for some of these b-sides, I agree with the other commenters, could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reupload?

queenofnothing_ⓤⓝⓑⓘⓐⓢⓔⓓⓑⓘⓣⓒⓗ said...

And perhaps to mediafire? Maybe? It's a much faster downloading host than rapidshare IMHO.

Dani said...

queenofnothing here it is.:)
There are two download links to Filefactory but you can download only with a limit if you are free member.

Dani said...
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