Britney Spears - Blackout

Here we go. Most people already have this album, i mean, it's everywhere, but i wanted to post it cause it's a must-have. Despite of the fact that Britney's life is melting down, she comes out with an amazing album, the best of her career IMO (most of the credits go to Danja, who produced Blackout).
Every song is a potential single, but apparently 'Piece Of Me' is the chosen one. I wanted 'Toy Soldier, but well, 'Piece of Me' is a good catchy song, with controversial lyrics, so it'll do fine.

01 Gimme More
02 Piece Of Me
03 Radar
04 Break The Ice
05 Heaven On Earth
06 Get Naked (I Got A Plan)
07 Freakshow
08 Toy Soldier
09 Hot As Ice
10 Ooh Ooh Baby
11 Perfect Lover
12 Why Should I Be Sad
13 Everybody [Bonus Track]
14 Get Back [Bonus Track]
15 Gimme More [Junkie XL Dub] [Bonus Track]

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